Khabar Mantra
دلی این سی آردلی نامہ

دہلی میونسپل کارپوریشن نے ماتا گجری دیوی ہسپتال کے قریب تجاوزات کے خلاف چھیڑی مہم

NEW DELHI (Ameer Amrohavi) Deputy Commissioner/MCD West Zone, Mr. Sandeep Kumar said that some local shopkeepers have encroached heavily on the public road in front of MGD Hospital and due to this, the ambulances and the hospital were delayed. The patients had to face problems, due to which many times the lives of the patients were put in danger due to the delay of the ambulance. The aforementioned shopkeepers were also warned repeatedly. But they were repeatedly encroaching on the said road, so action was taken with the help of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, West District, Mr. Vichatraveer. If the shopkeepers continue to encroach, strict action will be taken including sealing the shops. No one will be allowed to violate the rules and no one will be allowed to play with the lives of innocent patients and citizens.

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