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مہارشی والمیک اسپتال کی جلد ہوگی تزئین کاری :میئر

New Delhi: Mayor Dr. Shelley Oberoi inspected the health facilities at Maharshi Valmiki Infectious Diseases Hospital, Kingsway Camp. During the inspection, Mayor Dr. Oberoi interacted with the patients and inquired about the services. The inspection revealed that the infrastructure of the hospital is in urgent need of repair. In such a situation, the Mayor immediately directed the officials to prepare an estimate of the repair needs.
Mayor Dr. Shelley Oberoi visited several major wards including ENTOPD, ARV Center, X-ray Department and Medical Record Room in the hospital premises. Apart from this, he inspected Maternity and Child Care Center and Chicken Pox Wards. He observed the lack of air conditioning in the chicken pox ward, which is adversely affecting the treatment of patients. He directed the officials to solve the problem immediately. The mayor also expressed concern over the shortage of doctors and nurses and the malfunctioning X-ray machine. He emphasized on providing adequate staff and all necessary facilities to ensure better health services for the citizens of Delhi. Meanwhile, Mayor Dr. Shelley Oberoi said that sanitation, education and health care are among the priorities of the current government.
The successful model of Kejriwal government is being implemented in MCD. A Primary Health Committee (PHC) has been constituted for regular and effective monitoring. We are confident that these efforts will bring about positive changes that will benefit the people. Deputy Commissioner BP Bhardwaj, Councilor Promila Gupta, Hospital Principal Dr. Mansi Anand, Deputy Superintendent Subrat Rai and other officers were present with him on this occasion.

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