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چندریان3کی کامیابی سے پورا ملک پرجوش، کامیاب لینڈنگ پر اسکولوں کے ہزاروں بچوں نے دی اسرو کو مبارکباد

New Delhi: Today is a historic day for India. On this day, India’s Chandrayaan will take its successful steps on the surface of the moon, leaving behind the developed countries of the world through its space program. Children of Kejriwal’s government schools have a lot of enthusiasm for the success of this mission.
Where Education Minister Atishi herself joined the program with the students and shared the historical significance of this moment with the students. Expressing her enthusiasm, she told the students that "Chandryan 3 landing on the moon has given us great pride and excitement. We look forward to witnessing this wonderful achievement and extend our best wishes to the entire ISRO team.” Chandrayaan 3’s successful landing Thousands of children from government schools in Delhi are sending their best wishes to ISRO. In a tweet, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said it was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm of children studying in government schools in Delhi. Our school kids are waiting for Chandrayaan 3 to land. Good wishes from these children added to the excitement of the evening. We are proud of our scientists. On this occasion, Education Minister Atashi said that on this historic day of Chandrayaan 3 landing, ISRO was honored by the school children of Delhi Government. Congratulation continues. The scientists of our country are our greatest pride and a source of inspiration for our children. There is a festive atmosphere in Delhi government schools today. Children are not only praying for the success of Chandrayaan-3 but also expressing their feelings by making posters, paintings, slogans, human chains and wishing ISRO for the success of the mission.
 Children in schools are eagerly waiting for Chandrayaan 3 to make a soft landing on the lunar surface and set an example to the whole world that India is not behind.
 To make children of Kejriwal’s government schools witness this historic moment, Nizam Education has organized live programs for children in several of its schools. Special arrangements have been made to show the telecast. Where children will be shown live on the TV screen. In this direction, Sarvodaya Co-Ed Bal Vidyalaya (Kautilya), Chirag Enclave has made special arrangements for the students to watch the live telecast of the Chandrayaan 3 moon landing programme.

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